Related Product Widget for e-Business 7.0

The related product feature is supported for both the General and the Meeting products and is available on the Product Information page, Event Details page and Your Cart page. Whenever a user selects a product with other products associated to it (cross-selling products), the related product widget appears under the label: "You may also be interested in…". The widget displays the cross-selling product's name, image, and brief description.

Related products are considered additional products that can be connected to another product through a product relationship type. Unlike kit products, related products are optional and do not have to be purchased along with other products.

For instance, an organization may offer a magazine storage binder that customers can use to store the organization's monthly magazine. The storage binder is a separate product that has its own pricing records and inventory. Since it is sold as a separate product, by creating a related Products record on the product, when the product is ordered, the order taker is prompted to offer the buyer the related product. The customer can either add the product to the order or decline the related product.


To use the widget, build a list of Related Products from Aptify Smart Client application or Aptify Web application. Refer to Specifying Related products article for the steps.

The widget has previous and next arrow buttons for browsing the related products associated with the selected product. For the first slide, the previous arrow button is disabled, similarly for the last slide, the next arrow button is disabled. To navigate to one of the related product's information pages, click the product name.

Above image shows the Related Product widget on Product Information Page displaying all the related products associated with 12oz Sampco Mug.

Above image shows the Related Product widget on Event Details page displaying all the related meetings associated with Financial Planning meeting.

Above image shows the Related Product widget on the Your Cart page. For the Your Cart page, the widget shows the related products for all the items available in the cart

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