About the Shortcuts Form

Shortcuts records are created automatically each time a user creates a new shortcut on their shortcuts bar.

Shortcuts Form

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Shortcuts record.

General Tab


The name of the shortcut, as defined by the user who created the shortcut.


A description of the shortcut.

The ViewLink field stores the link to the view that is displayed when the shortcut is selected by the user.


The Icon field stores the name of the icon that displays on the shortcut bar for the current shortcut. This field is reserved for future use.


This field is not currently supported; it is reserved for future use.

SectionID (Required)

SectionID displays the ID of the Shortcut Section in which the shortcut displays. If the shortcut exists in the General shortcut group, the SectionID field is set to -1.

UserID (Required)

UserID indicates the ID of the user who created the shortcut.

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