About the Vendors Form for Opportunities

A Vendors record tracks information about a vendor qualified to handle a particular referral request. Aptify can create Vendors records automatically by matching topic codes between Companies and the Referral Request. See Creating Referral Requests for details. Also, users can manually create Vendors record as needed.

Vendors records appears on a Referral Requests record's Vendors tab. See About the Referral Requests Form.


A Vendor qualified to handle this referral request. This field links to the Companies service.

Private Message

Tracks a message that will go only to this vendor from the requesting party; this message will augment the general description provided to all requestors.

Is Generated

This is selected if this Vendors record was automatically created by Aptify by matching Topic Codes between Companies and this Referral Request. If this Vendors record was created manually, this option should not be selected.


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