About the Postal Codes Form

This service, which is located under Aptify Framework Administration, stores Postal Code information about a specific location.

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Postal Codes record.

General Tab


The country to where this postal code is located. This field links to the Countries service.

Postal Code

The postal code. In the United States, this field contains a ZIP Code.


State or province where this postal code is located.


The county where this postal code is located.


The city in which this postal code is located.

Area Code

The most common telephone area code for phone numbers in this postal code.


This field corresponds to the Federal Info Processing Standard number. It is specific to US ZIP Codes.


Identifies whether the city name in this record is the primary city name (P), an alias or alternate city name (A), or a non-standard city name (N) for this postal code. Note that the auto-population Postal Code lookup functionality will use P (preferred) city.

Time Zone

The Time Zone in which the postal code is located.

Daylight Savings Time

When selected, the postal code's location observes daylight savings time.


The map latitude where the postal code is located.


The map longitude where the postal code is located.


This field specifies the Metropolitan Statistical Area designation, which is no longer observed in the United States.


This field specifies a postal code's Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area designation.

US Congress

The U.S. Congressional District. This field is only applicable to the U.S. ZIP Codes.

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