About the Import Runs Form

Import Runs records store information about how the system transferred data from a source file into Aptify. These records are created automatically by the Generic Import wizard.

Import Runs Form

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Import Runs record.

General Tab

Import Source ID (Required)

The Import Source record used by this Import Run. This field links to the Import Sources service.

Start Date

The date and time when this record was created by the Generic Import Wizard.

End Date

The data and time when all of the import rows associated with this import run were marked as complete (that is, when all of the rows were successfully posted).

User (Required)

The user who ran the Generic Import wizard instance that created this record.


A description of the source type.

Import Run Details Tab

This tab displays the rows that the Generic Import Wizard imported from the source file into Aptify. A user attempts to match each row against an existing record in the entity. After matching, the user posts the records (which creates new records for unmatched rows). See Matching and Posting Import Results for details.

Import Run Mappings Tab

This tab displays the mappings between columns in the source file and fields in the mapping entity. This information flows down from the Import Source's Import Source Columns tab. A user can also modify these mappings in the second step of the Generic Import Wizard. See About the Import Run Mappings Form for information on the sub-type form.

Input Map Tab

This tab contains the values that the user specified for the source's input properties within the Generic Import wizard, including the location of the import file. This tab displays the Prop Page control specified on the applicable Import Source Types record.

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