About the Pivot Table Views Form

This service stores chart-related parameters for the system's Chart Views. The system creates these records automatically when a user creates a new chart view. See Using Pivot Tables in the Desktop Client for information on how to create a Pivot Table View and for information on all of the available Pivot Table View options.

Pivot Table Views Form

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Pivot Table Views record.

General Tab


The pivot table view to which this record applies. This field links to the Views service.

Configuration Data

This field stores an XML representation of the data used to configure the pivot table.

Detail Open Entity

This field specifies an alternative entity whose record should be opened when a detail cell is double-clicked in the pivot table. If blank, then the system opens the appropriate record in the entity to which the view applies.

Detail Open Entity Field

This specifies the name of the aliased ID field for the entity specified in the Detail Open Entity field.

Linked Entities Tab

This tab stores the list of Linked Entities records associated with this pivot table. See Adding Links to a Pivot Table View in the Desktop Client for information on creating linked entities for a pivot table.

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