Cloning of Subtypes Records

Cloning of subtypes feature is available in Aptify Web with release 7.1, the Clone feature allows the user to copy a previously created subtype record. There are times when the user is creating multiple subtype records in a service and much of the information in each of the subtype records is the same. This helps reduce data input time and increase accuracy. 

Follow the steps below to clone an existing subtype record:

  1. Open existing subtypes record in any service.
    For example: Under Product Maintenance applications → Product service → Open any product and go to General tab→ Pricing Table.

    Below screenshot highlights the newly added Clone button.


    If you do not select any record and press Clone button, by default, the first record is cloned.


  2. Select the subtype to clone and click Clone button, the record form appears.

    If you select multiple records, the last of the selected record is cloned.

    If there are no subtypes record for the entity, the Clone button is disabled.


  3. Make the necessary changes to the cloned subtype and click OK and then save the record.



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