Selecting Multiple Fields in Properties for List View

The List Views display records in a list according to the criteria that you specify. You can determine how the view filters records, which fields to display, the order and format in which the records appear, the number of records that appear per page, and whether to display the records' sub-type records. In previous releases of Aptify Web application, it was possible to either move individual field or move all the fields with the arrow buttons. Refer to Using List Views documentation for more details on how to create and work with the List Views.

Aptify 7.1 supports creation and modification of List Views by selecting multiple fields at a time by use of 'CRTL' key. While creating a new view or updating an existing view field property, the users are able to move the field list in multiple formats using two ways; with help of a button click and with drag and drop functionality. 

With this enhancement, the users are able to perform following operations on the fields:

  1. Select multiple fields from the left panel and add it to the right panel and vice versa.
  2. Select multiple fields from the left panel and drag and drop to the right panel and vice versa.
  3. Adjust the orders of multiple fields at a time.

Follow these steps given below to move multiple fields between panels or adjust multiple fields position in a given panel.

Selecting Multiple Fields

  1. Hold down the Ctrl key to select the fields. 
    • Holding the Ctrl key while clicking fields highlights only those fields that you select. 
  2. Move the fields from one panel to the other. This can be done in the following two ways:
    1. By Button click - click the appropriate arrow buttons (> or < or >> or <<) to move the selected fields to panels.

      • If you select GreaterThan.png button, the selected fields will be added at the end of the right panel.

      • If you select Lessthan.pngbutton, the selected fields will be added at the end of the left panel.

      • If you select DoubleGreaterThan.pngbutton, all the fields from the left panel will be added at the end of the right panel.

      • If you select DoubleLessThan.pngbutton, all the fields from the right panel will be added at the end of the left panel.

    2. By Drag and drop functionality- drag and drop the selected fields to the other panel at the desired position.

Adjusting the Order of Multiple Fields

The display position of the selected fields can be modified within the panel by using drag and drop functionality.

  1. Select one or more fields from the panel.

  2. Drag and drop the selected fields to the desired position to adjust the order of the selected fields.



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