Network Requirements and Deployment for the Aptify Web Interface

This topic describes the network requirements and deployment for the Aptify web interface.

Note Concerning Aptify Site Security

Aptify recommends that the Aptify site be secured using SSL regardless of the authentication method you select. This ensures that sensitive information is not transmitted. The default installation of the Aptify site requires SSL. The site will not load successfully unless the site is configured to use SSL. See Deploying the Aptify Site as an Internal Website (Local Intranet) for more details. 

From a networking perspective, an organization can deploy the browser-based version of Aptify in one of two ways:

  • To the Public Internet: where Aptify is accessible from any computer on the Internet without requiring a VPN connection. See Deploying the Aptify Site as a Publicly Accessible Website within a DMZ for more details about this approach.
  • To the Local Intranet: where Aptify is accessible from any computer on the local network and from remote computers using a VPN connection. See Aptify Site and Network Delegation for more details about this approach.

    Note Concerning Network Communication

    The Aptify web server and the Aptify database must be able to communicate over a network that provides a high bandwidth, low latency connection

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