Feature Highlights in Aptify e-Business 6.x and 7.x Releases

This document outlines the features released in version 6.x and release 7.x of the e-Business application.

Release 6.x features

e-Business 6.0 User Information Guide

Phase 1 implementation Company Administrator on e-Business 6

This feature introduces the following company administrator (group administrator) feature in e-Business 6:

  • Group/Company Information view and edit page.
  • Company Directory page
  • Add New People page.
  • Company Pay Off Orders (Make a Payment) page.
  • Company Order History
  • Ability for a Company Admin to manage more than one Company.

In many cases, Companies designate personnel with the authority to perform certain tasks on behalf of the Company. The person designated for this position is usually responsible for purchasing products and publications, and processing renewals on behalf of the company and its members.

There are several tasks that a person in a Company Administrator type of role performs depending on the organization. e-Business 6 allows one or more representatives from the Company to manage a number of logistics for the entire Company, to reduce the workload on members, and improve the ability of members to engage with their association. This appendix provides summaries of the various areas of functionality available to a Company Administrator in e-Business6. With e-Business 6, same company administrator can manage one or more companies. The areas of functionality outlined in this document are:

Company Administrator: Event Registrations Management

With e-Business 6.4, the Company Administrators have the ability to perform tasks and update information on behalf of other users for Events.  Actions available to the Company Administrators include:

  • View Events Registration Listings
  • View Event details for Upcoming and Past Events
  • Search for Events
  • Register Persons for Events
  • Manage the Event Registration of the members belonging to multiple Companies they are Administrator with.

Refer to Registering for an Event for the instructions.

Company Administrator: Purchase Membership Management

With e-Business 6.4, the Company Administrators have the ability to enroll new members on the e-Business site. Actions available to the Company Administrator include:

  • Retrieve the details of non-members.
  • Select the person(s) to Purchase Memberships for
  • Select the type of Membership for the selected person(s)
  • Specify each membership's individual Auto-renewal status.

Refer to Purchasing a Membership for the instructions.

Release 7.x features

Related Product Widget for e-Business

E-Business 7.0 provides the functionality of displaying related products. Related products are considered added products that can be connected to another product through a product relationship type. Unlike kit products, related products are optional and do not have to be bought along with other products. The related product feature is supported for both the General and the Meeting products and is available on the Product Information page, Event Details page and Your Cart page.

Whenever a user selects a product with other products associated to it (cross-selling products), the related product widget appears under the label: "You may also be interested in…". The widget displays the cross-selling product's name, image, and brief description. For more information refer to Related Product Widget for e-Business 7.0.

Committees Management

Organizations frequently assemble committees to focus on specific tasks or events. The committee may be designed to perform a single function for a brief period, such as organizing a corporate event, or it may be a long-term project that operates indefinitely. e-Business 7.0 introduces the Committees Management feature as a menu option on the landing page for all the logged in users. Committees Management functionality provides below options:

  • My Committees

  • Committees Listing

  • Committee Term (General and Members)

My Committees option provides the ability of listing down the member’s current, past, and future committees under My Committees page, while the Committee Listing page displays, all Active committees. Navigate to the Committees Term page through the My Committees page. For more information refer to Committees Management for e-Business 7.0 document.

Building Controls Using React

Starting from 7.0, developers are able to build user interfaces using React js for the new features in e-Business. React, is an effective JavaScript library that enables building complex user interfaces from small bits of code called “components”. The older controls will continue using Knockout and will work harmoniously with the React controls. For more information on how to build e-Business control using React js refer to Building e-Business Controls Using React.

Editing Persons on Directory page of Company Administrator

The Company Directory page in Aptify e-Business displays all of the persons records that are linked to a particular Company. The page allows a Company Administrator to search and view the Persons, Filter and Sort Persons records by column and Remove Persons from the company.  With release 7.1, the Company administrator is able to edit the member's information such as the first name, the last name, email address, title and phone number directly from the Company Directory Page. To achieve this, the UI of Company Directory Page is modified to add an Edit icon for each record. See Editing Persons on Directory page of Company Administrator for more information.

Company Directory implementation for eBusiness users

The Company Directory feature has been introduced to offer Company details to both signed-in users and guest users. This feature includes two new pages: Company Directory and Company Details. The Company Directory page lists Companies of the association, while the Company Details page displays detailed information about a particular Company. For more information on this topic refer to Company Directory implementation for eBusiness users document. 


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