Enhancements to Aptify Installer

In Aptify release 7.2, we have introduced significant improvements to the Aptify Installer to enhance user's installation experience and to make the installation process more efficient. With this enhancement, the installation time for Aptify application is reduced considerably with improved reliability due to better handling of runtime errors. 

This document outlines the improvements made to the Aptify installer. Below are the key changes that have been implemented.

Optimization of the Metadata Generation

This enhancement significantly improves the time taken for the installation process to complete. This is achieved by optimizing the metadata generation process. In the previous versions of the Core DB setup installer, the metadata generation process was executed for all the records, regardless of the metadata changes. In the updated Core DB setup installer, the metadata generator process flow run only for the records that have undergone metadata changes.

Introduction of SQL Collation Verification Popup

A new popup has been added to the setup installer and is displayed when the installation process is initiated. This popup informs the user about the SQL collation of the base database and ensures compatibility with the setup requirements. Users can proceed with the installation by clicking OK if the SQL collation matches the requirements or Cancel the setup to prevent potential conflicts.



Configuration of 'Load From Remote Sources' Attribute

To prevent runtime errors while running the setup, a new configuration option has been introduced in the installer's configuration file.


This new configuration option, named "loadFromRemoteSources" allows the installer to load necessary resources from remote sources, ensuring that all required components are available during installation.



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