About the Survey Process in Aptify

The following is an overview of the process that describes how to create a survey in Aptify:

  1. The organization identifies a survey requirement.
  2. The organization writes the survey questions and possible answers.
  3. The Aptify administrator builds a survey using Aptify. See Creating Surveys for details.
  4. The survey goes live on the organization's e-Business web site or the survey is distributed using other means (such as fax, e-mail, or postal mail).
  5. Web users complete the survey directly on-line, or data entry clerks enter the responses received from other sources (such as via fax or mail) on the web site. See Viewing Surveys for information on how users access surveys from an e-Business web site.
  6. Aptify saves user responses to the system and creates Survey Results records.
  7. The Aptify administrator runs reports that summarize survey responses and participants.
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