About the Surveys Administration Dashboard

This topic contains information about the Surveys Administration dashboard, which is the survey management tool available in the Aptify Desktop client.


Starting in Aptify 5.5.3, the Surveys Administration Dashboard is not the default dashboard. To display the Survey Administration Dashboard in Aptify 5.5.3, click Options in the Survey Management bar and select Switch Dashboards > Surveys Administration.


Click the Surveys heading to display the Surveys Administration dashboard.


The Survey Administration dashboard depicts surveys in a tree format. Each Survey (also known as a Question Tree) contains one or more Survey Questions (also known as Question Branches), which correspond to the questions and instructions that appear on the web site.

The example above contains one Survey represented by the tree icon, named General Demographics. Below the Survey is a series of Survey Questions (represented by the leaf icon); each Survey Question is a question (or text message in the case of the Welcome and Thank You items) within the General Demographics survey.

The acorn icon represents an Answer Logic entry; this specifies a conditional branch within the survey. In other words, you can customize which questions appear in a survey depending on how a Web user responds to previous questions.

For example, the survey only asks a web user the Contact Info question if the user responds Yes to the May We Contact question. If the web user responds No, he/she is immediately directed to the Get Zip Code question.

The branch icon represents a Virtual Branch entry; this specifies a shortcut link within a survey that helps reduce redundant lines of questioning. The solid icon represents the parent branch; the shadowed icons represent the shortcut markers that link to the parent branch.

For example, if a user responds to the Household Income question with an answer other than 40,000 to 74,999, the user is immediately redirected to the Get Postal Code question, as represented by the shadowed branch icon. This links to the parent Get Postal Code branch, effectively bypassing the May We Contact and Contact Info questions. After answering the Get Postal Code question, Aptify next displays the Rate This Survey question to the user, followed by the Thank You question.

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