About the Erase Message

The Erase Message is specified in a field in the Surveys form. The text in the Erase Message field is used as the text for a message that appears on the eBusiness web site when a user changes an answer to a question that uses Answer Logic. The text of this message should notify users that they are changing the response to a question they previously answered. The text should end with a question that can be answered with Yes or No, such as Do you want to continue?

Consider the following example:
A Survey Question uses Answer Logic for a question whose possible answers are 100 and 200. If a web user selects 100, the next question is question A. If a Web user selects 200, the next question is question B.

  1. A user selects 100 and clicks the Next button.
  2. Question A is displayed.
  3. The user clicks the Back button, changes the answer to 200, and clicks Next.
  4. Since the user has made a change to an Answer Logic question, the Erase Message appears with Yes and No buttons.
  5. The user clicks Yes and question B appears. The user clicks No, and question A reappears.


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