Managing Meetings and Events in Aptify e-Business

With e-Business 5.5.1, the Company Administrator is able to perform tasks and update information on behalf of other users for Meetings and Events. Actions available to the Company Administrators include:

  • View event details for Upcoming and Past Events
  • Search for Events with the name or venue details
  • Register persons (individuals and groups) for meetings and events
  • Changing persons meeting attendee status
  • Complete a meeting attendee transfer (e.g., transferring one person for another in the same meeting registration)
  • Completing a meeting transfer (e.g., transferring an existing person's meeting registration to a new meeting)

This section also includes two examples of some of the Meetings and Events functionality in e-Business 5.5.1 for Company Administrators. The information is intended to provide context for these updates and overview information for some of the common scenarios.


For detailed information on Aptify's Meeting functionality see Using Meeting and Housing Management.


Registering for Events in Aptify e-Business

The Event Registration feature is available from the Company Administration's Manage My Group dashboard page, or Manage My Group drop-down under Meetings/Events Management > Event Registrations. Company Administrators can view and search for Upcoming or Past Events and view related event and attendee details.


On both the My Meetings page and under Event Registrations (for Company Administrators) meetings linked to classes are displayed by default, regardless of the ShowMeetingsLinkToClass navigation file setting. That setting currently applies only to Upcoming Events and the Meeting Center page.


  • Events include an arrow to expand and display and related sessions.
  • Selecting an individual event displays the event details including the dates, venue, price, and registration status for the attendees.

Registering Groups for a Meeting in Aptify e-Business

When a Company Administrator views a Meeting Information page, an additional button labeled Register Group appears at the bottom of the screen, as shown below.


Here is how a Company Administrator registers multiple people from his/her company for the same meeting:

  1. The Company Administrator browses to the Meeting Information page for a particular meeting.
  2. If the meeting includes one or more sessions, the administrator checks the box next to each applicable session to include it in the registration.
    • All selected sessions will be added to the cart for all of the selected registrants. The administrator can remove sessions for particular individuals as needed from the shopping cart. 
  3. The administrator clicks the Register Group button.
  4. The administrator selects the people at his/her company to register for the meeting.
    • The grid only shows people who are not currently registered for the meeting.
    • The number of spaces available for the meeting is shows above the grid. If the number of registrations exceeds the available number of spaces, one or more of the selected registrants will be put on the wait list.
    • For each registrant, the administrator can set the person's badge information by clicking the Preview/Edit link. 

  5. After identifying the registrants, the administrator clicks the Register button to proceed to the View Cart page. From the cart, the administrator can remove any sessions for particular individuals.
  6. The administrator completes the checkout process to process the registrations.

Transferring Registration to New Attendee or to a New Meeting

The Attendee Transfer and Meeting Transfer functionality is available for use by a Company Administrator via the Company Administrator Landing Page or on the Manage My Group drop-down under Meetings/Events Management. The Attendee Transfer and Meeting Transfer landing pages display a list of scheduled meetings, where a Company Administrator can select the meeting and update the status for any existing attendee. The steps for performing an attendee transfer and a meeting transfer are similar. Refer to steps below for an example scenario for the Meeting Transfer process:

  1. Select the Meeting that you want to modify the registrant details for.
  2. Select the Existing Attendee you want to transfer to another meeting.
  3. Select the Meeting/Session you would like to move the attendee to from the list of available meetings.
  4. In scenarios where there is a price difference between the originally selected meeting and the new meeting e-Business launches a Payment dialog to enable the Company Administrator to address the difference in price. In some instances, this will require a payment and others will generate a refund. By default, all refund differences are processed as credits.
  5. After addressing any payment issues, the final step of the Meeting Transfer is to Review and Confirm the updated information.
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