Managing Membership in Aptify e-Business

As a Company Administrator, a user has the ability to perform tasks and update information on behalf of other users from the same company. Actions related to Membership that a Company Administrator can perform include:

  • Adding Persons
  • Updating membership information
  • Purchasing or renewing memberships on behalf of other users.

This section highlights some of the common activities a Company Administrator can perform related to membership. For detailed information on Aptify's Membership functionality, see Using Customer and Member Management.



Adding Persons in Aptify e-Business

Company Administrators have the ability to add users in two ways. The first is through the basic line interface, where the admin can enter details manually and add rows as needed for additional users. The second method is via an Excel template, created by Aptify and included for download on the Add Members page. Users can download the template; update it with all of the information related to the members they'd like to add and then upload the completed template to add multiple users at one time, which is ideal for adding a larger number of users.


If users on your site cannot access the Add Members page, please check the permissions of the web site's App_Data folder. At a minimum, the IIS_IUSRS group needs Modify permission to the App_Data sub-folder in order to access the Add Member page.


Adding Persons Manually

To add members manually refer to the steps below:

  1. To add new members select the Add Members button from the panel bar on the left of the Company Administrator Dashboard Landing Page.
  2. To add users directly on the Add New People page, enter the required details for each person
    1. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk.
    2. Use the Add Row button to create rows for additional names/users.
    3. Create Web User will be checked by default, be sure to uncheck this box for any users that do not require a web user account. Username and password will be sent to the new web user via separate emails. The person's email address will be the Web User's User ID.

  3. Click Submit to add the new Persons records associated with the Group Administrator's Company.

Adding Persons With the Excel Template

To add persons with the Excel template refer to the steps below:

  1. From the Add New People page, download and update the template supplied on the lower left corner.
  2. Browse to the updated template file and select Upload.
    1. Note: Larger files may take a longer period of time since there are a number of records being created and if creating web users, notifications are sent as part of the creation process for each user.
  3. Completed updates will display a confirmation, as shown below.
  4. You can open the AddPerson.xlsx file to see the upload status for each of the new record in the comments column.

Enrolling New Members in Aptify e-Business

A Company Administrator can enroll new members on the e-Business site. This feature is available on the Manage My Group landing page, and via the drop-down menu (as shown below).

The Enroll New Members page only displays details for non-members (as stated at the top of the page). Company Administrators can select the person(s) they want to purchase memberships for, what type of membership, and specify each membership's individual auto-renewal status.

Complete the steps below to place a membership order:

  1. Select the Person you want to purchase a new Membership for by placing a check in the box to the left of their name.
  2. Select the type of Membership from the Select Product drop-down menu.
    1. By default, the Select Product drop-down menu only shows individual membership products; that is, membership products tied to a Member Type with DefaultType set to Persons.
  3. Select the Auto Renew option for each membership, by default auto-renewal is not selected.
  4. Click Proceed to Checkout to continue with the order.
  5. Verify the Order details and select Check Out.
  6. Confirm the Shipping Details, Order Summary and Items, select Next Step.
  7. Complete the Billing Information and Review, and then select Complete Order.
  8. Once the order has been completed successfully a confirmation screen will display with the Order Number.
    This screen allows the Company Administrator to send email confirmations.

Renewing Memberships in Aptify e-Business

Using the new Renew Membership Feature, Company Administrators have the ability to perform the following functions for members within their company:

  • Renewing Memberships
  • Enabling or Disabling auto-renewal for memberships

The membership renewal page is available through the Manage My Group dashboard page and via the Manage My Group drop-down menu (shown below). 
The Company Administrator has the ability to renew memberships on behalf of other Persons from the same company. The Renew Membership page displays Persons with existing memberships and their status to allow Company Administrators to renew memberships that have lapsed or to update their renewal settings.

Renewing Subscriptions in Aptify e-Business

The Subscription Renewal feature performs the same in all functional aspects as a Membership renewal. It displays the existing subscriptions, allowing Company Administrators to select subscriptions for renewal, and modification to the auto-renewal preferences. Refer to the steps under Renewing Memberships for a related example.

The Subscription Renewal option is available from the Manage My Group drop-down menu.

For additional details on managing subscriptions, see Managing Subscriptions


Viewing the Member Certification Summary in Aptify e-Business

The Membership Certification Summary displays the certification or license status for the persons in a Company Administrators company. This page also allows the Company Administrator to add CEUs for particular members.


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