Managing the Improved Meeting Registration Process in e-Business

Beginning with e-Business 5.5.1, Aptify introduces an improved Meeting Registration Process. Updates to the Meeting Registration Process are designed to provide better functionality, ease of use, and a more intuitive process-flow. Some of the updates included with this release of e-Business are:

  • Improved process flow validation to ensure that required details are populated as needed and dialogs or errors contain better details
  • Creation of a My Meetings page to display user-specific information about meetings
  • Telerik grid controls that enable filtering, sorting, and search functionality
  • Ability to select different sessions for different attendees during meeting registration
  • Social Networking capabilities to share meeting information
  • Ratings feature for Meetings and Sessions

This topic provides a more detailed look at the Meeting Registration Process and the features available. The sub-topics in this topic are:


For additional information on the Meetings Service, see Using Meeting and Housing Management.


Opening the My Meetings Page

The My Meetings page can be opened by clicking the My Meetings link in the Customer Service menu (as shown in the example below).

The My Meetings page includes the following features:

  • Notification of upcoming meetings, including those a member is registered for and any meetings scheduled during the week ahead.
  • The notifications are based on stored procedures identified in the My Meetings control's code file. Organizations can modify or create their own notification as needed.
  • Using the Telerik Grid, the Meeting page displays details for all of the meetings that a member is registered for or has attended.
    • Clicking on the arrow to the left of the Meeting Name displays the session details.
    • The My Meetings control displays on registrations with an Attendee Status that has the Show On Web option checked.

  • By selecting an individual meeting from the My Meetings page (or from the main Meetings page), a user can view their Session Calendar by clicking the Show My Session Calendar button on the Meeting Information page.
  • The Session Calendar displays all meetings and sessions for a given user. It includes the ability select a display for Week, Month, or Timeline (as shown in the example below).
  • From the Session Calendar users can Print, Email, or Export (to Outlook) the calendar information.

Opening the Meetings Center Page

From the main menu, clicking on the Meetings button will display the Meetings Center page. This page displays information about all of the available meetings.

  • The updated Telerik grid enables searching, sorting, and filtering.
    • A user can click on the column title to sort results by Meeting Name, Category, or Location.
    • The blank fields in each column allow a user to search for a meeting using specific criteria like Price, Date, or Category.
  • Clicking on the Meeting Category drop-down menu(s) allows a user to sort/filter results by the Meeting Category or the Meeting status (Upcoming, Completed, etc.)
  • For meetings that have already occurred, a 5-star based rating appears if it has been evaluated by one or more of its attendees.
  • The arrow to the left of meeting titles expands the meeting details to display session information.
  • Clicking on a Meeting name opens the Meeting Information Page.

Opening the Meeting Information Page

Clicking the name of a meeting from the Meetings Landing page displays the Meeting Information page. This page displays all of the specific details of an individual meeting and includes the following:

  • Meeting Name, Date, Venue, and Price
  • Meeting Rating
    • A meeting cannot be rated until it has occurred.
    • Only Persons who have attended the meeting will be able to provide a rating when the Meeting Registration Record has a status of Attended (indicating the meeting has taken place). 
  • Sharing functionality for social networking
  • Travel Information and details
  • Speaker information including names, titles, and types

On the lower half of the Meeting Information page, a user will be able to review session information, select individual sessions, and begin the meeting registration process.

Registering for a Meeting in e-Business

After clicking on the Meetings button to display the list of available meetings, select the meeting you want to attend and complete the following steps:

  1. Click the name of the Meeting you want to register for.
    • The Meeting Information Page is displayed. 
  2. Select any sessions you want to attend and click Register Individual.
    • To view Session Details before you make a selection, click the Session Name.
    • If the meeting is configured to prevent conflicts and a user selects two or more sessions that overlap, the user is notified immediately of the contact after clicking RegisterIndividual. The user cannot proceed to the next step until the conflict has been resolved.

  3. Review the Meeting Registration Details.

    If applicable, update the attendee's Badge information or Attendee Preferences.

  4. Select Add Attendee to add the attendee details to the Session selection grid.
  5. Add other individuals to the meeting as needed by filling out the details in the Add Attendee area and clicking the Add Attendee button.
    • The additional people you add will be matched against existing Persons records based on the email address you provide.
      • If the email address does not already exist for a Persons record in the database, a new record will be created.
      • If the First Name, Last Name, and Email match an existing record, that record is used for the registration.
      • If the Last Name and Email match an existing record but not the first name, the page displays a pop-up dialog asking the user to confirm that the person matches the record found in the database.
      • If the provided email address is tied to multiple people in the database, the Web User is prompted to contact the organization for assistance or to try another email address.

  6. Verify the attendee information for the people listed in the grid. For each person, you can modify his/her sessions from the View/Edit Sessions link, and you can modify the Badge and Preference information from the Edit link. When finished, click Proceed to Checkout to complete the Meeting Registration Order.
  7. Review the Meeting Registration Order information, including the Shipping Details, Order Summary, and Shopping Cart contents.
  8. If you have made any modifications to the Order, click Update, otherwise click Next Step to continue the Meeting Registration order.

  9. Review the Billing Details and provide the required Payment Information.
  10. Select Complete Order to complete the Meeting Registration and order process.

  11. Verify the finalized Meeting Registration on the Order Confirmation screen.
    • This screen includes an automated email feature that can be used to notify an attendee of their registration (This feature is helpful if you are registering users other than yourself).

  12. Once an order has been completed a user can view all of his/her upcoming Meetings through the My Meetings page, as described earlier. This page contains all of the updated information for the new meeting registration.


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