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Creating a Ticket  

Creating a ticket involves logging into the ticketing system and recording the appropriate information into a selected New Support Ticket form. The following steps will enable you to create a ticket.  

1) Go to Zendesk, login and select the appropriate ticket form. 

  • For cloud clients with cloud related issue – Select Cloud Support Form 
  • For All non-cloud related issues – Select General Support Form 


2) Fill out the required fields or you will not be able to submit a ticket. Please ensure to add as many details as possible. 






For Clients in Australia reporting a non-cloud related issue, please check the field Aptify AUS  


Ticket Details: 

1) CC (optional): Fill in the contact information for other team members you would like to be involved in the ticket here. For example: ITTeam@clientdomain.com  

2) Subject: Use a short and accurate subject header  

3) Description: Enter a detailed description of the problem. Be as specific as possible.  

        Please include the following information:  

  Is the issue machine-specific or user-specific (isolated) or occurring across several machines/users? 

  Is this a non-stock item? Are there configurations in place?  

  If possible, attach any snapshots or documents pertaining to the problem. 

4) Priority: Select a priority for the case. Please remember that Urgent is used for when there is a downtime in the system such as no one can log into the system and/or payments are not processing from the web and client.  

5) Type: Select what kind of case you are submitting.  

6) Product Version: Select what version of Aptify you are using or experiencing the issue on.  

7) Steps to Reproduce: Include detailed steps to reproduce the problem. These steps will be used to reproduce the problem in the stock environment without configurations.  

8) Error Logs: Enter any exceptions that are associated with the problem. These exceptions can be found in both Desktop and Web versions of Aptify.  

  • In Desktop Client, click on the Aptify button located in the top left corner. Click on the icon with the red X next to the Aptify on the Web button.


  • In Aptify Web, a flag will appear on the tool bar in the top right corner whenever an error occurs.

Also, an administrator can find additional details in the Event Log on the Web server 

9) Escalate to Support Manager: This is to be used when a ticket has been assigned and in progress with an agent, check the field if you would like the Support Manager to review and follow up on the reported issue.  

7) Customer Reference ID: If applicable, add your internal ticket ID that corresponds to the ticket you are creating for Freshdesk.  

8) Aptify AUS: Click this field if you are a client in Australia.  

9) Attachment: Include any additional information about the issue in the form of an attachment 

10) Submit: Click button when all the necessary fields are filled out.  


Ticket Status:  

Click on the My Tickets option to check the status of your tickets 



The Status Column Shows the state in which the ticket is currently in 





You have options to filter your Tickets by:  

  • Any (All Tickets) 
  • Open 
  • Awaiting your reply 
  • Solved 



When you click on a Ticket Subject column, the description and communication of the ticket will be shown on the main section of the page with the ticket details located on the right of the page. 





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