New Features

Login Page Improvements

The single page login screen will be replaced with a 2-column layout dividing the screen into 2 sections. The left side column of the screen will display the default login controls and the right-side half screen will display any marketing content (redirecting to companies marketing page web URL).


Fundraising application on Aptify Web

This will cover implementing all the current fundraising application on Aptify Web which is currently available in Smart Client. Staff user will be able to configure the fundraising campaign, pledge will also be able to manage the same in Aptify Web application.

To know more about fundraising application usage in Aptify, see Using Fundraising Management.

Context Help Support in Aptify Web

Aptify Web 6.3 provides a new Context help support feature wherein the existing help button on Web will be redirected to a specific page on kb site depending on which Aptify Web screen you are on. This is done by creating an entity that will match the pattern of the Aptify Web URL and map it to a KB page. A client can specify links to their own documentation to override the kb pages. Also, by default, Aptify provides a set of help links to KB site that can be used as is or reconfigured.

For more information, see Context Help Support in Aptify Web.

Global View Creation Support

Many associations don’t want their staff users to keep creating their own view but to use the standard consistent set of views defined for their departments. The current challenge with older versions of Aptify is that one person needs to own the views and then share it. Then the next person needs to know which entity the view is created on, connect to that folder. If multiple people have multiple shared folders – it is very complicated for the end-users.
The Global View Support feature will now provide facility for department heads to create dashboard parts where all the commonly shared global views can be placed. The other members of the department can then have this default dashboard from where the shared views can be used by all members having access to the dashboards.

For more information, see Global View Creation Support.

New Application Server

The new application server that was available in the Aptify Marketplace listing has been integrated with the 6.3 release. The new application server will be replaced by the old application server in the Aptify setup.

For more information, see Configuring Multiple instances of New Application Server in Aptify 6.3.

New Time Control Component in Aptify Web

As an Aptify staff user, the user will be able to read, add, update and delete data from a Time data type field on the Aptify web interface.

For more information, see ....

Logging Framework Implementation in Aptify 6.3

This will allow us to add generic logging diagnostics to the product and allow our customers the flexibility to log to whatever infrastructure they want (event viewer, flat files, database, etc.)

For more information, see Integrating with Logging Framework.

In-Place Edit on List View on Aptify Web

On the web application, the user will be allowed to directly edit the List view record values based upon the In-Place Edit permissions turned ON for the specific entity/field. 

In-Place Edit option can be configured by referring the instructions available on Modifying Security Settings for In Place Editing.

Phase 1 implementation Company Administrator on e-Business 6

This feature will introduce the following company administrator (group administrator) feature in e-Business 6:

  • Group/Company Information view and edit page
  • Company Directory page
  • Add New People page
  • Company Pay Off Orders (Make a Payment) page
  • Company Order History
  • Ability for a Company Admin to manage more than one Company

For more information, see Managing Company Administrator Role in e-Business 6.

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