Understanding the Requirements for Developing for Aptify

The target audience for information in the Developing in Aptify sub-topics are software engineers who will create new applications, add new features, or modify existing functionality for an Aptify installation.

This topic contains the following sub-topics that describe the assumed skillset of the target audience and the system requirements to successful develop Aptify functionality:

About the Skills Required to Develop for Aptify

The content in the Developing for Aptify topic assumes that the reader is familiar with the following software tools and design concepts:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio (or any other IDE): The reader should be able to work in Visual Studio or another IDE. 
  • .NET Code: The reader should be comfortable writing and compiling .NET code. Aptify supports C# and VB.
  • Microsoft SQL & SQL Server: The reader should understand entity design and the standard database object types stored in SQL Server (including Tables, Views, and Stored Procedures). The reader should also be comfortable writing scripts to retrieve data from SQL Server.
  • Javascript: The reader should feel comfortable developing using Javascript. 

System Requirements for an Aptify Development Environment

For the lists of minimum software, hardware, and third-party software requirements refer to the System Requirements for Aptify document. 

The following is a list of software requirements for an Aptify development environment for some of the previous releases. 

About the Sample Application Installation Requirements

In addition to the requirements in the System Requirements for an Aptify Development Environment topic, your environment must meet the following requirements to install the sample application and review the code samples provided with it:

  • Aptify 5.5: Your database server must have Aptify 5.5 or higher version installed before you install the sample application.
    • Note that the sample application provides a complete set of entities so you can add it to a test system that is using either an Aptify Framework Only installation or an Aptify Framework and CRM installation (with or without sample data). See Installing Aptify and Installing the Sample Application for details.
  • With the exception of Microsoft Visual Studio and Infragistics NetAdvantage, the sample application and its code samples does not require the other third-party software described in System Requirements for an Aptify Development Environment.
    • You need a license for Infragistics NetAdvantage if you want to work with the sample wizards in designer mode.
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