About Plug-Ins for Extended Order Detail Entities and Strongly Typed Entity Objects

About Plug-Ins for Extended Order Detail Entities

An Extended Product Type in Aptify defines a product that can use a type-specific tab on a Products form and/or a type-specific Order Lines form. Standard examples in Aptify include the Meetings, Expos, and Classes Extended Product Types.

Meetings Extended Product Type
If you are defining a new extended product type that will use a type-specific Order Lines form, you need to create an entity object for that Extended Order Detail Entity which inherits from ExtendedOrderGE. This exposes protected overridable methods for flowing new details and cancellation details.

About Strongly Typed Entity Objects

Aptify includes a strongly typed entity object generator that is capable of acting upon any entity in the system and results in the generation of a strongly typed entity object for the entity as well as all related sub-type records. Aptify provides this functionality as a process flow that can be attached to an event handler for the Entities entity. The process flow's name is Generate GE Strongly Typed Sub-classes.

In addition to generating the strongly typed object code, the generator compiles the dot net assembly using the Microsoft .NET Framework build tools (meaning that Visual Studio is not required on the system), uploads the generated object to the Object Repository, and creates an entity plug in record referencing the generated object if no existing plug in object is registered with the entity. Aptify has generated strongly typed entity objects for the following entities (as well as all of the sub-types associated with these entities). Since most of these entities had pre-existing plug in entity objects, Aptify also modified the entity objects to inherit from the strongly typed entity object for that entity rather than directly from the Generic Entity. The entities that use strongly typed entity objects are:

  • Companies
  • Contact Logs
  • Employees
  • Orders
  • Organizations
  • Payments
  • Persons
  • Scheduled Transactions
  • Subscriptions 
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