Integrating with Expo Logic badge[on]demand

Expo Logic badge[on]demand integration with Aptify AMS allows you to manage your event’s registration within your own system while providing a simple way to print badges at your event.

The Badge on Demand feature works with Aptify using specific APIs to allow you to print badges and tickets instantly from your Aptify system. By using Expo Logic’s badge on Demand integration, all registration data is kept in your system throughout the entire event with real-time reporting since the two systems are automatically sending data to each other.

With Expo Logic badge[on] demand, you can rapidly check-in event attendees and print badges at events using staffed and self-help kiosks. By integrating it with Aptify AMS, when attendees register for your event, they'll receive a confirmation email that includes a QR code. When attendees arrive at the event location, they can check-in using the QR code and get their badge using staffed or self-help kiosks.

This integration can also sync registration data between the two systems such as session attendance and whether or not the registrant's badge was printed.

Following are the advantages by integrating with Expo Logic badge[on]demand:

  • QR codes that are generated through Expo Logic can be accessible in Aptify via Print Badge feature or confirmation email sent to an attendee.
  • Staff can conveniently access badge[on]demand for an event registration directly from Aptify AMS.
  • Registrants can easily check in at your event using ExpressPass kiosks and badge[on]demand based on the live registration list in Aptify.
  • The date/time of session attendance and the last date the badge was printed (as well as the number of times printed) can be written back to Aptify AMS automatically. This information can be used in reports and dashboards to view attendance rates by session as well as the rate of registrations during the check-in period.



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