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Eventpedia by Avodigy is an interactive mobile application for events of any size that enables attendees to access event information at their fingertips. It allows organizations to pull in their event related information and share it with the attendees. It helps organizations to mobilize their events; as well as keep participants engaged and up-to-date. See the Eventpedia website for more information on benefits and features of the app.

Aptify and Avodigy have worked together to provide a well-rounded solution to get the Event-related information to Eventpedia app, directly from Aptify, using Aptify's service layer. This integration enables you to upload or update Event information from Aptify to Avodigy's Mobile Content Manager (MCM), with a single click. Mobile Content Manager is a dynamic user portal that allows the organizations to manage their Eventpedia app. Data changes in Mobile Content Manager are reflected instantaneously on the app, on all platforms. Reach out to your Avodigy contact person or reach out to, to learn more about creating and managing the event app.

This topic contains links to sub-topics that explain how to implement the integration of Eventpedia with Aptify, and how to upload or update the Event data in Avodigy's Mobile Content Manager. It also provides information on the data that is being shared between Aptify and Mobile Content Manager.

Configuring the Eventpedia Integration

The current version of the Eventpedia integration is 2.0.

Configuring the Eventpedia integration with Aptify includes unpacking the Eventpedia configuration migration pack on Aptify 5.5.2 or higher. Also, you will need to install the Aptify Configuration Migration (CM) Tool to be able to unpack the integration pack. CM Tool setup files and the Eventpedia Integration pack can be obtained by contacting Aptify Technical Support or by contacting your Avodigy contact person at

Perform the following steps to complete the Eventpedia integration:

Eventpedia Integration Prerequisites

The Eventpedia integration access Aptify via web services running on a web server. There is no separate install for web services. If you have web services installed for Aptify 5.5.2 or higher, Eventpedia will be able to leverage those. Here are the requirements for Eventpedia integration:

  • Aptify 5.5.2 or higher (with the Aptify web interface)
  • Eventpedia App (Contact Avodigy for details)
  • Domain user who at a minimum has access to web services and the Meetings entity, to be able to import information into Mobile Content Manager.
  • Administrator level user who has permissions to install and update entities, to be able to unpack the Eventpedia pack.
  • Eventpedia integration pack.
  • Aptify Configuration Management (CM) Tool must be installed on the server where the Aptify Desktop client is also installed. See Installing the Aptify CM Tool for more information.

Unpacking the Eventpedia Integration Packs Using the Aptify CM Tool

Aptify provides the Eventpedia pack that includes all the components required for the Eventpedia integration using Aptify Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). These packs include all of the Meetings entity-related multiple base views required to exchange information.

Perform the following steps to install the Eventpedia Integration pack:

  1. The Aptify CM Tool installation must have been completed by following the steps in Installing the Aptify CM Tool.
  2. Run CM Tool and select the Open Configuration for Unpacking option. See Unpacking Configurations with the CM Tool for additional information.
  3. In the Pack Path field of the Folder Selection section, enter the path for the Eventpedia integration Pack (EventPediaPack.cmpack) and click UnPack. 

    CM Tool Unpacker

    • The tool might notify you about the difference in version and some validation failures. Ignore those and continue unpacking
    • No other changes/settings are required to unpack.
    • At the completion of unpacking, the CM Tool displays a completion message. 
  4. Click OK to close the completion message.
  5. Proceed to the next section, Verifying the Eventpedia Unpacking to verify that all of the components required for Eventpedia Integration are present.

Verifying the Eventpedia Unpacking

Perform these steps to verify that you have all the multiple base views required for the Eventpedia integration:

  1. Log into Aptify using the default system administrator account (sa).
  2. In the Meeting Management application, open the Meetings service.
  3. Verify the presence of the following views that send information to the Avodigy Mobile Content Manager, and confirm that these views are returning the information as expected.
    • EventInfo
    • TypeSetup
    • Location
    • Rooms
    • Agenda
    • Speakers
    • Tracks
    • Sessions
    • Sponsors
    • Exhibitors
    • GeneralInfo
    • Attendees

The Eventpedia integration does not function properly if any of these views are modified. Note that none of these views are meant to be used or changed on the Aptify web interface or the Aptify Desktop client.

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