Working with Scheduled Tasks

The setup creates a 'Career Leads Opportunities Import' scheduled task by default in the Scheduled Tasks service. An Administrator can create a new Scheduled task or modify the existing scheduled task to import the leads from YM Career Leads to Aptify System at required intervals. For more information on how to work with Scheduled Tasks, see Managing Scheduled Tasks.

For every scheduled task run, it performs different levels of duplicate checks for each Career Lead before importing into Aptify AMS. Below are the four levels of duplicate checks:

  1. Career Center Unique ID
  2. Email ID
  3. First Name, Last name, and Address
  4. Partial Duplicate Check with First Name and Last Name: In this case, an opportunity record is created as Raw Lead which is explained more in below paragraph.

Scheduled tasks automatically import the leads and create the Opportunity records in the Career Center Views. If there is no duplicate level found for a lead, an opportunity record is created in the Career Center Prospective Leads view with a stage set as Prospect. If a partial duplicate check is found, an opportunity record is created in the Career Center Leads for Review view with a stage set as Raw Lead and Review for Duplicate Checkbox is check-marked. It also updates the existing person record with 'Exclude email' flag set to True. If the first three duplicate levels are found, the record will not be imported into the Aptify system and included in the Log file with a reason for not importing. 

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