Limitations and Known Issues

This section provides the list of Known Issues and the limitations in the e-Business 6.0.

Known Issue/Limitations Expected Fix Version
Change Password feature not available. Future Backlog

The topic of Interest :

Only Checkbox type of topic interest is allowed on the profile page. Only 1 level of interest can be seen.

e-Business services retrieve flat data with details of all topic codes and its corresponding parent topic code. The information provided through services layer can be consumed to build additional hierarchy within the Topic Code control on the Frontend.
Profile image upload not supported Future Backlog
Featured Event Support Future Backlog

NumDigitAfterdecimal support not available from the backend


It is currently handled through a config file attribute on the frontend and the rounding for decimal is based on that setting. It is set to 2 by default. So, for example, if price is returned as 10.5 in the services, it will be displayed on the frontend as 10.50 if clients are using our frontend.

Future Backlog
Profile Image cropping Future Backlog
Guest registration in meeting Future Backlog
Recently Introduced products, Best Selling (Top-rated) product widgets not available Future Backlog
Date format Support/localization support Future Backlog
Saving Cart not supported Future Backlog

Adding, editing and deleting of ACH saved payment method. The feature of adding ACH SPM is only available when making a new payment.

Future Backlog
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