Administering e-Business 6.0

This topic describes the list of functionalities that a Staff Administrator can carry out for administering the e-Business 6.0.

Staff Administrator Functionality Additional Information

The staff admin can create a new product and edit the product details

Note: To make sure that the products are made available on the e-Business website, the following criteria's should be met:

'Web Enabled' checkmark must be checked.

'Top Level Item' checkmark must be checked.

'Currently Sold' checkmark must be checked.

Current date is within the 'Available On' and 'Available Until' Dates.

For meeting products to display, the additional criteria is that Status is "Planned" and 'Meeting Start Date' ,'End Date' should be within the current period or a future date.

For detailed information of product creation, see

Creating a Basic Products Record

For detailed information of meeting creation, see

Creating a Products Record for a Meeting




For product images to display on the application, the user will need to perform following steps:

 Update the 'eb_config.loadDefaultImage' attribute in ebconfig.js with LoadDefaultImage = false;

The user will then need to manually download the product images with naming convention as "<productID>.jpg" in Large and thumbnail folder under the following path. The naming convention of the images need to be strictly followed so that each of the product displays the respective images based on its product ID.

<Web application installed path>\inetpub\wwwroot\UI\images\large

<Web application installed path>\inetpub\wwwroot\UI\images\thumbnail


for detailed information, refer the 'Post installation steps' section for 'Load Default Image'  of Installing e-Business 6.0.


Please note that we are working on building an Image sync utility to avoid this manual intervention in GA release

If we are tracking the inventory of the products, staff user should make sure that the product inventory is allocated appropriately.

For detailed information on product inventory, see

Managing Product Inventory

Staff user need to create below supported product types that will be supported on e-Business application


Kit and Group



For detailed information on creating different product types, see

Creating Subscription Products

Creating Kit Products and Product Groupings

Creating a Products Record for a Meeting

Creating a Publication Product


If Staff user wants to manage discontinued products through e-Business application and manage backorders for such products, then following criteria should be set for such products:

'Allow backorders' checkmark must be checked on the product record.

For detailed information of product inventory, see

Managing Discontinued Products

Credit card Payment types that has following criteria set will be available on e-Business:

'Web Enabled' checkmark must be checked.

For detailed information, see

Creating Payment Types

If the member user wants to pay with purchase order, then following criteria need to be met on the Person record :

Credit Status is approved.

Positive Credit Limit

Credit Currency set.

For detailed information, see

Updating the Credit Status for a Person

Card Payment Types meeting the following criteria will be displayed:

'Web Enabled' checkmark must be checked.

For detailed information, see

Creating Payment Types

New Topic Codes meeting the following criteria will be displayed:

Value Type set as Yes/No

Status set as Active.

For detailed information, see

Creating Topic Codes

If we want to allow the users to delete their newly created address, then we should grant "Delete" permission for the user's group in Addresses sub-type entity.  

Administrator can add new donation products and define the donation amount.

'Web Enabled' checkmark must be checked.

Administrator must set the Fundraising Prices as per below instructions:

  1. Log into Aptify with Valid credentials.
  2. Navigate to 'Fundraising Prices' service from 'Product Maintenance' application.
  3. Create 'All' view.
  4. Click 'New Record'.
  5. In General tab, enter Fundraising Product ID.
  6. In Fundraising Pricing Options tab, click 'New'.
  7. Enter the Amount you wish to set for the Fundraising product.

    You can set multiple pre-determined prices to a Fundraising product. If you wish to select a price as default, select 'Is Default' checkbox. You can define only one default price in the backend.

  8. Click Save.


Administrator must enable Shipping Method to allow the system to calculate shipping and handling charges. Each Shipment method must have matrix records in the matrix tab. You can also create new matrix records as per the currency type.

'Web Enabled' checkmark under Web tab must be checked.

Administrator must enable the Bank Account (ACH) to allow a user to pay for an Order with Bank Account transaction.

'Web Enabled' checkmark must be checked. 'Allow save for future use' checkbox is optional and only required if you want to allow e-Business 6.0 users to save the payment details for future transactions.

Learn more About the ACH Payment Type

Administrator must configure 'Become a Member' page to allow users to select membership and make a payment.


Expected Result:

To set up 'Become a Member' page:

  1. Log into Aptify with valid credentials.
  2. Navigate to Membership Application Definition service in Product Maintenance application.
  3. Create 'All' view.
  4. Click 'New Record'.
  5. In Name, enter the page title. For example Membership Application.
  6. Enter the Start and End date as required.
  7. Checkmark the 'Active' checkbox.
  8. Enter the Membership active year. For example, the current year (2019).
  9. In MembershipApplicationDefinitionProducts tab, add the Membership products by entering their Product IDs.
  10. Click Save.


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