Understanding Product Details

The purpose of the product details page is to provide the detailed information of a product to help the customers analyze the product thoroughly, and be confident about their choice before adding the product to cart and purchase it. See Buying a Product, for more information.

The product details page consists of the following information:

  • Product Name
  • Product Image Gallery - The images that provide the original look and feel of the product.
  • Product Price - By default, the non-member price is displayed. If you have a membership, the discounted price will be displayed.
  • Short Description - It provides a quick overview of the product.
  • Product Quantity -It displays the quantity of a product.
  • Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) - The SKU is a unique association stock number assigned to a product which helps in maintaining inventory.

  • Categories - It shows the category to which the product belongs to.
  • Long Description- It provides additional product information.
  • Products included in the Kit (for Kit Products only).
  • Products included in the Group (for Group Products only).
  • Date Published (for Publications only) - It provides the release date of a publication/books.
  • ISBN/ISSN code (for Publications only) - It provides the unique serial numbers to identify books and publications respectively.
  • Reviews and Ratings (Reserved for Future).

Complexing Price for a Product

If an Association product has complex pricing (price rule, filter rule, and rounding applied according to Association pricing criteria), you must add the product to your cart to see the product price. The price will be displayed according to the pricing rule set by an association. Please note that Price Override feature is not supported.



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