About the Email Field Type

A field that stores an email address includes an icon to the right of the text field. Click this icon to open a new Microsoft Outlook email message, with the To address automatically populated with the field's contents. In addition, you can open a mail message by pressing the F4 key when the focus is on the email address.

Email Field
Note that if the service stores multiple email addresses, the email field may include a drop-down list so you can toggle between the various addresses. 

Launching Aptify Messaging From a Record

By default, when a user selects the icon that appears next to an email field on a form, a new mail message is opened from the user's Outlook application. In addition, an administrator can configure the field to launch Aptify's Messaging dialog so that users can access message templates and other mail-related features directly from a record. Note that the email field that appears on the standard Persons form is configured to launch the Aptify Messaging form by default. See Administering Messaging Attributes and Features for more details.


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