Working with Calendar Views

  • See Editing a View for information on how to edit an existing calendar view's property.
  • See Copying a View for information on how to copy a calendar view.
  • See Printing a View for information on how to print a calendar view.
  • See Opening Multiple Views for information on how to open a calendar view in a new window.
  • See Using Folders and Sharing Views for information on creating folders for your views and sharing them with other users.
  • See Sorting Views and View Folders in a Service for information on creating and loading view templates.
  • Each Calendar View has a toolbar across the top of the view that you can use to switch between the various calendar modes. From left to right, the buttons are as follows:
    Calendar -Toolbar
    • View Properties: Open the view's Properties dialog.
    • Go to Date: Click this icon to select a specific date to load into the calendar view.
    • Single Day View
    • Work Week View
    • 7-Day Work Week View
    • Month View
    • Multi-Month View
    • Refresh: Click this button to manually refresh the view's contents.

  • Double-click a calendar item to open its corresponding record.
  • You can move an existing calendar item to a new date and/or time by dragging the item to a new location within the calendar view.
  • You can change a calendar item's duration by expanding or contracting the width of the calendar item within the view.
  • To create a new calendar item to begin at a specified date and time, select the desired start time in the calendar view and drag the mouse to highlight the duration of the item. Then, right-click and select New <Service> Record from the pop-up menu. This opens a new record that automatically populate the record's data and time field based on your selection. A new record created for the selection in figure has a start time of 10 am and a two-hour duration.
    Creating a New Calendar Item
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