Defining List View Summary Information

Aptify provides the ability to define and display summary information in a list view, providing greater visibility to aggregate data without having the create a chart view or pivot table. To display summary data, a user defines the field and aggregate function to summarize by and configures how the data should be grouped. The example below is of a list view from the Orders service that displays Order Totals grouped by the Ship To company with the aggregate data displayed below each group.

Order Totals Summarized By Ship To Company
Follow the steps below to define and display the summary information in a list view.

  1. Create a new list view or open the View Properties dialog for an existing list view in which you want to display aggregate data.
  2. Go to the Grouping tab.
  3. Select the Enable Grouping option.
    • The Field, Display and Summary Position fields become enabled.
  4. Select the field you want to summarize by in the Field drop-down list.
  5. Enter a Caption for the summary data.
  6. Select the position of the summary information from the Summary Position drop-down list. The options available are:
    • BelowData: The summary information is displayed below each grouping.
    • AboveData: The summary information is displayed above each grouping.
      Specifying Grouping Options for Summary Information

  7. Select the Fields tab and add the field that you want to summarize by in the view to the Selected Fields window.
  8. From the Selected Fields window, select the summary field and select the function you want to use to calculate the summary information from the Aggregate Function column's drop-down list. The available options are:
    • Average: Displays the average of the values in a grouping.
    • Count: Displays the number of values in a grouping.
    • Max: Displays the highest value in a grouping.
    • Min: Displays the lowest value in a grouping.
    • Percent: Displays the percentage of each grouping's values compared to the total value of all groups in the view.
    • Sum: Displays the total value in a grouping.
      Aggregate Function Column

  9. Click OK to save and run the view.

Once the view is configured, a user can expand and collapse the summary information by selecting the plus or minus sign to the left of the summary caption.

View With Collapsed Summary Data


Note Concerning Hierarchical Views and Advanced SQL

If your list view is configured as a hierarchical view or uses a customized SQL statement, summary information cannot be displayed and will be disabled when the view is saved.



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