Opening a Dashboard

This topic describes how to open a dashboard in Aptify, broken down by user interface:

For Aptify Web Interface

Follow these steps to open a dashboard in the main display window of the Aptify Web interface:

Dashboard functionality is limited in the web interface. See About Dashboards in the Web Interface for more information.

  1. In the Applications and Favorites menu, double-click on an application or service to display the buttons that link the associated dashboard.

  2. Click an active button to view the dashboard or launch a related wizard, an example of launching a wizard is shown below.

    	Example of Launching a Wizard from a Dashboard

Support for Opening Other Dashboards

Starting in Aptify6.0, the Switch Dashboard button action type is supported in the web interface. This feature adds the ability to launch other related dashboards from a dashboard.

For Desktop Client

Follow these steps to open a dashboard in the main display window of the Aptify Desktop client:

  1. Select an application heading by using one of the following methods:
    • Select the Application heading in the Navigation Bar.
    • Select the Application's tab in the Aptify Ribbon.
    • Select the Application's shortcut in the Shortcut Bar.
    • Select the Application's heading in the Folder List.
    • The Application's default dashboard loads in the main display window.

  2. To select a different dashboard that is available for the same application, click the Options... link and select Switch Dashboard from the pop-up menu. 
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