About the Aptify Product

Aptify fully incorporates many of today’s leading technologies, including Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Windows 10 operating systems, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and above, and Microsoft Visual Studio. By building upon proven development standards, Aptify delivers unparalleled ease of implementation.

Aptify’s scalable infrastructure includes:

  • Automatic client software installation and upgrades.
  • A Business Development Framework, which leverages the Microsoft .NET framework to reduce application development time.
  • Integrated graphical administration tools and reduced administrative costs through the centralized configuration of any number of servers and networks.
  • Seamless integration between multiple relational and non‐relational data sources.
  • Dynamic interactive data viewing system.
  • Comprehensive audit trail of all database changes.
  • Powerful record merge capability to help eliminate duplicate data.
  • Seamless integration of Crystal Reports and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

Aptify provides a set of advanced functionalities, including:

  • Integration with email and the Web.
  • Automatic historical tracking.
  • Analysis of database changes.
  • Highly configurable security control.
  • Management tools for the distribution of software across the enterprise.

Component Software Technology

The basis of Aptify’s powerful design is flexible component software. The phrase, component software, refers to multiple, individual segments that combine to build a single, complex system.

A good analogy is an automobile, which is built with interchangeable parts, such as tires, seats, an engine, a transmission, and many more additional pieces. Each of these parts — or components — provides an important function to the automobile, but when they are combined, they create a single, complex, working machine.

Aptify’s architecture design provides an organization with the ability to easily modify business systems. The basic principle is that fully functional parts are interchangeable. Components, which each have a separate function, are Aptify’s building blocks. When a customer needs a functional modification in the system or needs to add new functionality, a developer can modify existing components, replace existing components, or add new components to the system.



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