About the Dashboard Options Form

The Dashboard Options form contains the information regarding the layout of the selected dashboard.

Dashboard Options Form

General Tab

Name (required)

The Name field contains the name of the dashboard.

Culture String

The localized display name for the dashboard. The appropriate name appears that corresponds to the user's assigned Culture. See Using Localization Administration for details.


The Description field stores the description of the dashboard.

Border Style

A border displays around all dashboard areas in the selected dashboard if this option is set to FixedSingle or Fixed3D.

Title Bar Text Color (required)

This field defines the color of the title bar text. The default color is black.

Back Color (required)

Back Color defines the background color for the dashboard. The default background color is gray.

Layout Tab

The layout of the dashboard is displayed on the Layout tab, including all Dashboard Areas, and all Dashboard Parts in each area. Updates to the layout of the dashboard are done from this tab.

Dashboard Layout Tab

Add Area

Selecting this option opens a new Dashboard Areas record.

Remove Area

Selecting this option opens a list from which to select the dashboard area to remove.


Selecting the Options link opens the context menu for the specified Dashboard Area.


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