Managing a Company

When a Company Administrator logs in to e-Business 6.0, they have access to an additional set of features designed to help update details for the entire Company in one centralized location. The Company Administrator dashboard page contains the name, description of the selected company, and five buttons to navigate to the other pages designed to help Company Administrator to manage companies. The Company Administrator can manage specific companies via the Switch Company drop-down.  (Please refer to Company Administrator Dashboard Page image).


The following topics describe how a Company Administrator can manage companies in Aptify e-Business:

Updating Company Information

One of the tasks a Company Administrator can perform in Aptify e-Business is updating Company details.

A Company Administrator has the ability to update basic details like address, phone number, email address, and website details. The user can also view Membership Information for the company.

Follow the instructions given below to update the company information in Aptify e-Business:

  1. Go to the Company Administrator dashboard by clicking Manage Company from the header menu. 
  2. Click the Company Info button from the Company Administrator dashboard page.
    The Company Info page displays on the screen.
  3. By clicking on company from Switch Company drop-down, one can view/edit the information for that particular company.

  4. In order to edit the Company Information, click Edit. 
    The dialog window appears for editing (as shown in the example below).

The Edit window contains Verify Address button through which one can use Melissa Address verification for the entered addresses.


As expected, any changes made by the Company Administrator on the e-Business site will update the Company record in the Smart Client. 

Using the Company Directory

The Company Directory page in Aptify e-Business displays all of the persons records for people linked to your Company.

By clicking on a company from the Switch Company drop-down, one can view the persons records associated with this company.

This page allows a Company Administrator to perform the following actions:

  • Search for and View all Persons records for people at their company
  • Filter and Sort Persons records by column
  • Remove Persons from the company
    • If a company administrator removes a person from a company, the system removes the Company field value from the corresponding Persons record (so that person will have a blank company on its record). 

The Add New Member link is provided on the upper right corner, clicking on which one will be navigated to the Add Member page. For more information, refer Adding Persons.

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