Installing Aptify Web websites on 6.2 - Known Errors

The following errors may be encountered when running the website installers on a 6.2 system for Aptify Web.

InvalidCastException - Conversion from string "unknown" to type 'Long' is not valid.

This message will be encountered on SQL Server 2019 and newer, and the stack trace will indicate a problem in the following module:  Setup.frmMain.WizardControl1_BeforeNext(Boolean& Cancel).  Ensure you are using a supported version of SQL server before proceeding.  

System.TypeLoadException - Could not load type 'Aptify.Framework.ExceptionManagement.BaseApplicationException' from assembly 'AptifyExceptionManagementInterfaces...

StackTrace Information
at Aptify.Framework.BusinessLogic.AptifyGroupsEntity.AddSQLRole()
at Aptify.Framework.BusinessLogic.AptifyGroupsEntity.Save(Boolean AllowGUI, String& ErrorString, String TransactionID)

Verify the application pool user you specified was added to the Group AptifySOAAppPoolGroup.  Check this both in the Users entity and at the database level for the user in question.  If your app pool user has not changed during the upgrade no action will be required.  

Errors with a Source of AptifyObjectRepositoryService may be logged

A handful of errors from the AptifyObjectRepositorySerivce may be logged.  These are not known to cause any problems. 

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