Upgrading to 6.2 - Breaking Changes

The following breaking changes were made in the 6.2 version of Aptify.

  • Aptify has been updated to .NET Framework 4.8. This is largely a concern for customers running Aptify .NET assemblies in the execution context of other products, like their CMS, as that product must support .NET Framework 4.8 in order to load the Aptify assemblies.  
  • Many types were moved to new assemblies. Aptify recommends recompiling configurations to avoid any problems.  
  • AptifyGenericEntityBase has a new abstract method GetXMLParser. Customers who extend AptifyGenericEntityBase, as opposed to AptifyGenericEntity, will need to implement this method to return the parser that should be used to serialize the GE.  This should be rare.  
  • AptifyCalendarViewUtility.dll was upgraded from .NET 3.5 to .NET 4.5. Impacts from this should be rare.  
  • The protected method 'GetCreditMemoProductID' on the Payments entity plugin had its signature changed. It now accepts AptifyGenericEntityBase instead of OrdersEntity. Customers who override this method in their entity plugin need to change their signature to match. Functionally everything still works the same, and customer code can cast the GE into the OrdersEntity if needed. 
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