Upgrading the Aptify database to 6.2 - Known Errors

The following known errors may be logged to event viewer when upgrading an Aptify database to 6.2

Can Not Rebuild Database Schema for [someEntity] because GenerateTable is set to '0'

This error is logged any time setup deploys an entity change to an entity that is not Generated. Typically, no action is needed. Aptify will ensure changes product is making in setup are reflected in database objects that need to be manually generated. We leave these messages in because some customers may have an entity in this configuration, we are unaware of. If you are in this scenario, you should ensure the database objects accurately reflect the manual changes you have made to your entity definition.

NullReferenceException in method Void specialhandlingEntitiesSubtype(System.String, Aptify.Framework.BusinessLogic.Entity.EntitiesEntity ByRef)

This message can be ignored and will be fixed in the next release.

Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information.

This message is written out many times during the upgrade. The primary cause is a result of moving types in the 6.2 release. These location changes cannot be identified through reflection, so the Object Repository errors. Another cause would be if a library references an assembly, and that assembly is not used by setup. In the future we may suppress these messages from being written by setup entirely. For now, they can all be safely ignored.

Exception stating 'Starting installation of 6.2 OR assembly updates'
Exception stating 'Completed installation of 6.2 OR assembly updates'

These messages are logged for informational purposes. They capture the start and end of the Object Repository update process when setup is installing most of the 6.2 assemblies. Aptify is actively investigating a better way to write informational messages like these without indicating they are an error, but that process was not ready for the 6.2 release.


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