Quick list for setting up a new Aptify database server/desktop client

Overall, you can follow the steps detailed in Installing Aptify. If you're looking to install Aptify just so you have an environment (desktop, Web, or e-Business) to play around with, it might be easier to download the Community Virtual Machine rather than go through the install process. If interested in trying it out, please contact Aptify Support.

But for a quick checklist, if you're setting up a new environment for a database server/desktop client, make sure to follow these steps/verify these items are done.

If you're looking to install Aptify Web, e-Business 6, the Application Server, or other items, refer to links in the parent guide: Quick List for Setting up and Troubleshooting Aptify Infrastructure.
  1. Install SQL Server using recommended settings per Product Knowledge- Installing Aptify.
    1. Make sure .NET 3.5 is installed if you are installing the Windows Desktop client.
    2. Make sure .NET 4.5 framework is installed (it should be if you have a semi-modern version of Windows)
    3. Make sure to setup an SA account during the SQL install process (though if your account is a sysadmin, you can do it later)
  2. Install SSMS from Microsoft website https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/ssms/download-sql-server-management-studio-ssms
  3. Using SSMS, either restore the Aptify environment or create a new DB named APTIFY - Verify the database and log files are created in the right local drive.
  4. Enable CLR on Aptify database:
    1. To enable it, run this-

      Enable CLR
      sp_configure 'show advanced options', 1;
      sp_configure 'clr_enabled', 1;
  5. Enable Snapshot Isolation on the Aptify database.
    1. To query the state, run this:

      Identify Snapshot State
      , snapshot_isolation_state
      , snapshot_isolation_state_desc
      , is_read_committed_snapshot_on
      FROM sys.databases
      WHERE name = 'APTIFY';
    2. To turn on, run this:

      If it fails, you may need to restart SQL Server and apply it, and/or put the Aptify database temporarily in single-user mode to apply.

      Turn On Snapshot Isolation


  6. Ensure Print Spooler Windows service is running as seen above (this is required to build/run views).
  7. If needed, install the Aptify 5.0 client on the machine. 
  8. Connect to the database to upgrade the bin folder. To ensure you get a full bin update, connect as a local Windows administrator. You may want to do the one or all of the following items:
    1. After connecting for the first time, delete OBJECTREPOSITORY.TXT and connect again (This will force a sync)
    2. Copy the Aptify 5.0 folder to your desktop, connect to the database, then copy the folder and paste back to where your original folder is (e.g., C:\Program Files\Aptify 5.0) - This ensures if the object repository service or other server items have locked that folder, you can still get it updated.
    3. Run the Object Repository Sync tool (may want to do it in conjunction with step B.)
  9. Once the bin folder is synced, make sure "Unnecessary caching" is disabled. You should see the following two keys in the Aptify Shell.exe.config as well as Startup.exe.config file.
    1. <add key="Aptify.Framework.Metadata.AutoUpdateMode" value="True" />
    2. <add key="Aptify.Framework.Metadata.UpdateCheckInterval" value="0" />
  10. Login to the database as SA, and run the Licensing Wizard to update licenses to match this server.

    The wizard can be found above the Licenses service (under User Administration)

    Run it with "Update Licenses to Match this server".

    If that's grayed out, it may already have been run.
  11. Install or ensure the following plugins are installed (each installer is connected to this document)
    1. Crystal Reports viewer 
    2. SSRS Reports viewer 
    3. Access Database component (this allows Export to Excel to run) 
    4. DHTML editor (for rich HTML editing in Aptify client) 
If you need to install Aptify Web after this, check out Quick list for setting up a new Aptify Web Server
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