Quick List for Setting up and Troubleshooting Aptify Infrastructure

This page helps you with the links to other guides on how to setup and troubleshoot Aptify infrastructure. These guides all more or less assume you're starting from scratch so include documentation on the Windows/environment components that are needed in addition to the Aptify software. They include a walkthrough and screenshots of setting it up in a VM, but same or similar process can be followed for clients. Most of these pages contain links or attachments to the installers you'll need.

You can also use the Community VM (If interested in trying it out, please contact Aptify Support) as a comparison to your setup/troubleshooting if running into issues. It has Aptify 6.1 Desktop client, Aptify Web 6.1 Webclient, e-Business 5.5.3, e-Business 6, an Application Server, and of course, an Aptify database running in SQL Server.


Quick list for setting up a new Aptify database server/desktop client 

Desktop client is not required for Database Server but can confirm it was setup properly.

Quick list for setting up a new Aptify Web Server

Quick list for setting up a new e-Business 6 Server (With or without Aptify Web)

Quick list for setting up a new Aptify Application Server or adding new Service to existing server


Most of the time, if you have an existing, functional Aptify Web, e-Business 6, or e-Business Classic website, it's easier to copy the site and re-set it up as opposed to running through the above installers. Another words, you're copying the IIS site and updating the settings (URL, database, etc) that have changed.

Here's a guide on how to do so including links on where to change any necessary updated settings. The same guide but with references to attachments and such removed for client consumability: How to setup Aptify Web, e-Business 5.5.3, or e-Business 6 without using an installer


If you have successfully installed or transferred your Aptify Web website or e-Business 6 but it won't load, here's a guide to some basic troubleshooting steps you can take: Checklist for basic Aptify Web/ebusiness 6 troubleshooting

A set of concrete examples in troubleshooting largely leveraging the above tips can be found here: Sample Aptify Web/e-Business 6 Troubleshooting story


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