Required Software for Aptify LMS

Aptify LMS 5.5.1 requires the following software to be installed:

  • Aptify 5.5.1 and up
  • Aptify e-Business 5.5 and up
  • Aptify Education Management add-on application
  • Microsoft Office Access Database Engine 2007 on the computer from which Aptify LMS 5.5.1 is installed (this is installed by the Setup application if not present on the computer)


As of September 2015, an updated version of Aptify LMS 5.5.1 is available that supports installation in Aptify 5.5.3 environments. If you are installing Aptify LMS 5.5.1 for Aptify 5.5.3, the Aptify environment must have Aptify 5.5.3 and Aptify e-Business 5.5.3 installed. 

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