About the Fundraising Campaign Solicitors Form

Solicitors are the workers on a fundraising campaign who approach contributors to seek donations. In the Fundraising module, solicitors are associated with Persons records. Each fundraising campaign may have any number of solicitors, however, campaigns do not require solicitors.


Top Panel

Campaign (Required)

The fundraising campaign for which this solicitor is raising money. Links to the Fundraising Campaigns service.

Solicitor (Required)

The name of the solicitor. This links to the Persons service.

Total Raised (read-only)

The amount raised by this solicitor. It is the total of written pledges linked to this solicitor.

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Fundraising Campaign Solicitors record.

Comments Tab

The Comments tab contains any comments relevant to the Fundraising Campaign Solicitors record.

General Tab

Basic information about the solicitor.

Status (Required)

The status of this solicitor; options include: Active, Cancelled, Completed.

  • Active: the solicitor is actively soliciting contributions.
  • Completed: the solicitor has finished gathering contributions for this fundraising campaign.
  • Cancelled: the solicitor stopped short of the goal.

Start Date and End Date

Date when this solicitor became involved with this fundraising campaign. When appropriate, enter an End Date as well.

Pledges Tab

A list of pledges secured by this solicitor.

Prospects Tab

A list of prospective contributors assigned to the solicitor. See About the Prospects Form.


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