About the Payment Schedule Form

Payment schedule information for pledge payments that will be received over time.



The date of the scheduled pledge payment.

Payment Amount

The amount of the scheduled pledge payment.

Discount Amount

If the payment has been discounted to its present value, this field indicates the amount of the discount. Note that this field is not displayed if no discount is applied to the pledge.

Present Value

The present value of the payment. If this is a future payment that is being discounted, the Present Value is the Amount minus the Discount Amount.


This drop-down field specifies the fund to which this payment should be applied.

Scheduled Transaction

For future payments that are discounted to present value, this indicates the ID of the Scheduled Transactions record to recognize the discount amount on the scheduled payment date. This field is blank until the pledge is saved as written and the scheduled transactions are generated.


This bottom area of the form stores any additional details relevant to the Payment Schedule record.


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