How to Use Fundraising Management for Campaigns

A Fundraising Campaign in Aptify contains the top-level information for tracking a campaign's progress. A campaign requires the following components:

  • A fundraising product category
  • A fundraising fund product
  • A fundraising campaign product

This topic describes how to create a fundraising category and product and how to set up a fundraising campaign. The following is an overview of how to create and configure Fundraising Campaigns:

  1. A user creates one or more Product Categories for funds.
  2. A user creates a Products record for each fund to which a contributor can make a donation.
    • Each Fundraising product requires a Sales GL account and an Unearned Revenue GL account.
    • See Creating Funds for details.
  3. A user creates the Fundraising Campaigns record to track pledges for a particular fundraising period.
  4. If the organization uses solicitors to contact contributors for donations, then a user creates a Fundraising Campaign Solicitors record for each solicitor and assigns prospects.
  5. If one or more sponsors have offered to match pledges, a user creates a Campaign Match Rules record to track the match requirement.
  6. After creating the Fundraising Campaign, users can track the progress of the campaign.
  7. Users can create Pledges to track donations to one or more funds as part of a fundraising campaign. See Managing Pledges for details.
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