Closing Cash Pledges

This topic describes how to process a pledge that has been paid off, canceled, or deemed non-collectible or delinquent. Refer to one of these topics for more information:

Marking a Pledge As Complete

Once a pledge has been paid in full, open the Pledges record and change the Status from In Progress to Completed.

Then, save the record. This locks down the Status field and prevents any further changes to the record.

Note that the status for unsolicited Pledges created using the Contribution Payment wizard is set to Complete automatically.

Canceling a Pledge

If a contributor requests that a pledge be canceled, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Pledges record.
  2. Change the Status from In Progress to Cancelled.
    • This displays the Cancellation tab.
  3. Modify the Cancellation Date, if necessary. (Today's date appears in this field by default).
  4. Enter any applicable comments.

  5. Save the record.
    • For pledges with a Written stage, Aptify automatically generates a Cancellation Order to reverse the pledge's original order and corresponding Scheduled Transactions. The ID of that order appears in the Cancellation Order ID field.
    • If one or more payments have been applied to a written pledge before it is canceled, the Cancellation Order generated by Aptify only cancels the remaining unpaid amount of the pledge.
    • If canceling a one-time pledge that has been paid in full (before it has been marked as Completed), then Aptify generates a credit memo for the pledge so the money can be refunded to the donor.
  6. Open the Cancellation Order and modify it as necessary. Then, change the Order Status to Shipped and save and close the order.

Reversing Non-Collectible Pledges

If a pledge is judged to be Non-Collectible, it can be written off. Discuss with your accounting department when a pledge should be written off as opposed to canceling.
Follow these steps to write off a pledge and its remaining balance:

  1. Open the relevant Pledges record.
  2. In the Status field, select Written Off.
  3. Save the record.
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