About the Answer Sheet Answers Form

This form stores information about the specific answers a student provides to an exam question on the Answer Sheets record.

If you grade exams using the Scantron wizard, the wizard automatically creates and populates the entire Answers form. In this case, do not manually edit the Answers record. The wizard also shows a student's exam result on the top panel of the Answer Sheets record for that exam. Refer to About the Answer Sheets Form for information about the Answer Sheets form.




Question Code (Required)

Enter the code for this question. This code corresponds to the question code on the corresponding Questions record. Refer to About the Questions Form for information about the Questions form.

Student Answer

The student's answer to the question.


Specifies if the student's answer to the question is correct.

Points Earned (Required)

The number of points the student earned on this question. The default is zero.


This field contains any comments on the student's response to this question.


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