About the Exams Form

Use the Exams record to record information about exams.

Education Management tracks students' exam answers in Answer Sheets records. See About the Answer Sheets Form for more information.


Attachments Tab

Attach any document that concerns this exam to the Attachments tab.

Comments Tab

Enter any comments related to this exam.

General Tab

Name (Required)

Enter the exam name.


Enter a description of the exam.

Course (Required)

Enter the name of the course related to this exam. Use the Find feature or click the Course link to create a new Courses record. See About the Courses Form for more information.

# of Questions

After the exam information has been entered on the Questions tab, the number of exam questions displays in this field.

# of Points

After the exam information has been entered on the Questions tab, the number of points on the exam displays in this field.

Passing Score (Required)

Enter the passing score on the exam. The default is zero. If you selected a Pass Type of Percent, enter a percentage. If you selected a Pass Type of Points, enter the number of points required.

Pass Type (Required)

Select Points or Percent. The default pass type is Points.


Select the status of the exam: Active or Inactive. Active is the default.

Language (Required)

Select the language of the exam from the extensive list. Large Print is an option for students with low vision. The default language is English.

Questions Tab

Each line on the Questions tab lists one question for the exam. To add a question to the list, right-click in the Questions tab and select New. The Questions record displays.


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