Using the Schools Tab in Courses

The Schools tab in the Courses form maintains the list of the schools that are accredited to teach the course. For each location that is able to host the course, add a Schools record to the Schools tab on the Courses form. You may also list alternate schools and their equivalent course names if those schools and courses are not part of the organization's regular Education Management system.


You must specify at least one School for the course or else you will not be able to create classes for this course.

This requirement does not apply when the associated Course has a Product Type of Meeting.

Creating a School Record

Follow these steps to add a Schools record:

  1. In the Schools tab in the Courses form, select New.
  2. Select a school/institution from the Companies service to enter in the School field. If the school does not exist, create a new company record by clicking on the hyperlink. See Creating a Companies Record for more information.
  3. The Date Accredited defaults to today's date. Enter a different date, if appropriate.
  4. Modify the school's Rank, if necessary. The Rank field is a required, but subjective, field and defaults with a zero.
  5. Enter a Status for the school in relation to the specific course, generally Active or Inactive.

  6. Click OK.

Other optional fields that may be of use include:

  • A Contact field to specify the school's contact person.
  • Date Terminated which specifies the date the school's accreditation to teach the course expired.
  • A Comments tab to enter any comments about the school and the course.

Creating a Substitute Course Record

To identify any alternate courses that are accepted by a school in lieu of one of its courses, select the Course Schools Substitute tab on the Schools record. The information entered here will be available and flow down when selecting a substitute course and school on the Answer Sheets form for an exam later.

  1. Right-click in the gray area and click New to open a new Course Schools Substitute Form.
  2. Enter the substitute course name which would be the equivalent of the regular course.

    Other optional fields on this record include:

    • Start and End Date fields for the dates in effect for the substitute course.
    • Add any Comments for other information.


  3. Click OK.
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