Approving a Commission Payment

Once a commission payment record has been reviewed and any adjustments to the payment have been entered, the Commission Payment is ready for approval. Approving a commission payment changes the payment status from unpaid to paid and locks the commission payment record eliminating the ability to make additional adjustments to the commission amount.

  1. If necessary, on the General tab of the Commission Payments record, modify the Paid Date field from the default date to the actual date the commission is paid to the payee.
    • The Effective Date field can be modified at this time as well.
  2. To approve the payment, select the Approve Payment button on the General tab of the Commission Payments record.
    • A message box displays confirming the action.
    • The message box also explains that once the record is approved, no other changes or adjustments may be made to the payment records.
  3. Click Yes to approve the payment.
    • Your name automatically appears in the Approved By box.
    • The payment's Status automatically updates to Paid.
    • Today's date populates the Date Approved field.

    Approved -Payment

  4. Save and close the record.
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