Cancelling an Advertising Insertion Order

Depending on the status of an Advertising Insertion Order, the cancellation process works as follows for the various insertion order statuses:

Canceling Verbal Insertion Orders

To cancel a Verbal Advertising Insertion Order, change the Verbal status to Cancel and click Save.

The Insertion Order is now locked down from any other entry and the verbal insertion order is canceled and today's date appears in the Cancelled Date field. Because verbal insertion orders do not generate an order, a cancellation order is not created.

Canceling Quote or Approved Insertion Orders

To cancel a Quote or Approved Insertion Order, simply change the Quote or Approved status to Cancel and click Save.

Upon saving, the Insertion Order generates a cancel order and the Cancellation Order ID field in the Payment section populates with the cancellation order's ID number. Orders that are marked as Taken are first changed to Shipped and saved, and then the cancellation order is created.

By saving the insertion order with the new canceled status, the system automatically populates the Cancelled Date field with the date the cancellation order is created.

Placing an Insertion Order On-Hold

Changing an insertion order's status to On-Hold does not create a cancellation order. Rather it flags the insertion order as a possible cancel. Since canceling an order cannot be reversed, it is wise to place an insertion order with a status of Quote or Approved on-hold first before canceling the order. It is not necessary to place a Verbal insertion order on-hold since there is no corresponding Orders record for that insertion order.

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