About the Advertising Insertion Options Form

The Advertising Insertion Options record is called when adding an advertising option product, such as a blind box, to an insertion order. This record allows the user to select the option product, fill out any other information, and change the quantity and price.



The Option field is populated when the Advertising Insertion Options record is opened from the dialog box.


If the Record field is enabled, the user is required to enter or create a new record for the option. Only option products that are associated with an entity on the Advertising Options record will require a record in this field.


The Price field populates from the price listed on the option's Products record. The price can be modified if the price allows price overrides.


If the option type defined on the Advertising Option record is Yes/No, then the Quantity field on the Advertising Insertion Options record is disabled with a quantity of one. If the option type is quantity, the customer service representative can input the number of options the customer wishes to purchase.


The Comments field contains any additional details relevant to the Advertising Insertion Options record.


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